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There are many types of Colombian wedding or memorial customs but one of the most popular certainly is the Brazilian guy and female wedding orders. Colombian men usually take it like a religious ceremony and exclusive chance the passing of their special loved one, while Colombian women always take it being a time to celebrate the success of their own marital relationships.

The most important factor to remember if the Colombian male or female wedding or memorial events are taking place is that it can be all about the family unit. Since Colombian weddings and memorials will most likely be taking place outside the property, the living needs to be the key priority. In Republic of colombia there are two important days and nights for the entire family members: Sombreros sobre Patos (the day of the burial) and Sombreros sobre Sacros (the day with the celebration).

About Sombreros para Patos, Colombian brides are to prepare a “funeral dinner” because of their departed one. During this food the guests are given permission to consume and colombian women for marriage drink in the period. When preparing the dinner, each couple will need to bring two plates and three mugs. The food is usually to be cooked in the usual way and served.

Colombian women will present their very own husbands using a bouquet of blossoms on Sombreros de Sacros. Colombian women of all ages will begin belly dancing around the ceremony, while the males receive the blooms, wine and cups. The music will be performed by way of a Brazilian partners.

Colombian males will receive the meals at the reception lounge and are permitted to eat as much as they want. They may be to after that pass all their plates for their Brazilian star of the event. After obtaining the menus, they are required to take them to the woman before leaving the corridor.

After the service the men willgo back to the rooms and the Colombian females is going to return to all their rooms. A day or two later, the entire family of the bride, such as the children, should go together to the cemetery where their loved one has been put down to rest. There they will walk around the fatal and make offerings of fruits and flowers. This is certainly a time for the entire family to not overlook their departed ones.

Following that, the Colombian men will be invited to take part in the funeral or memorial services inside the church. They will be asked of talking in front of the audience, while the B razil women can make speeches.

Once the funeral or memorial service is over, the family of the dearly departed would go in concert to the funeral home to shell out the night. They are going to sleep inside the same bedroom until it is definitely time to get up the next morning.

Colombian men will have a tradition of celebrating their very own wives’ birthday with her sisters. There may be a unique bottle of champagne for them to enjoy as well as the women will go together towards the local standard to have some beverages. They will reveal a few dances together and definitely will spend the night with their girlfriends in their individual homes.

Colombian women will take a moment to thank the husbands 1 last coming back all the happy times they have distributed to them. Whether it is the can certainly second marriage ceremony or memorial, the Colombian women will not attend the actual wedding, although they might attend the marriage ceremony at the beginning of the ceremony to congratulate the husband.

Colombian men generally have their previous wedding ceremony during which time they reach relax and enjoy the celebration with their new bride. Yet , the male Colombian funerals generally take place both at the end of this ceremony or perhaps at the end of the day. You will have traditional hey there to the fathers and grandfathers as well as females whowill be invited to share a toast to the Colombian male.

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